Blargh, no stuff and things but still alive, just lacking inspiration.

Ya,, still around, still breathing just not kicking really. Wheels aren’t turning or when they do they turn so much I can’t focus on ONE thing for long enough to get visible progress done.

It’s an irritation, it will pass.

Until it does I’m sure I have enough stuff, for those who might want to, on my deviant art to look three and be entertained by.

Also, the Temple of Pandora series IS being worked on, as is the Hunter’s Realm little story. Just, at the moment what I would have to post is so minimal that there isn’t much point in posting it, yet. Likely I’ll have at least another Pandora Short story soon, as well as more for Luna’s story.

Figured I should say something so people didn’t start thinking this was a dead blog is all.


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