I’m Worthless
I know This
I realize it now
I don’t know how
How I didn’t know
How I never learned
Learned to let go
Learned to never truly know
I’m Worthless
I’m trash, a purposeless person
Drifting, a float, reasonless
Doubting myself, doubting others
I drift to my death, this knowing my only brother
My only friend, my own acknowledgment
My realization my curse, My body an empty vessel
A shell devoid of meaning, there is no reason
So, this end I pick is not a treason
No, know that I end I choose, this drifting death
It is my purpose, my meaning is to die
My life, my only real lie, for I was never meant to be at all
I can tell by the pain, my body cries to be covered
To be buried by earth, by dirt instead of pain
This death is not a loss
No, it truly the only gain
The only thing I’ve ever attained
This is peace at last, peace to the last
The last day, the last night, my fight is over

I sleep



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