Can You Hear Me Laughing?

Now, let us speak on something, shall we say, unspeakable? Truly it is something no one wishes to focus on. That chill that goes up your spine, that pressure on your shoulder, the feeling, the thought that maybe you heard something behind you? That feeling, that oh so unique feeling that makes your courage curdle in your stomach, the blood in your vine thicken to where you could swear you can hear a laugh just barely close enough to you to hear.

Until you feel that breath on your ear, that one floor board beside your chair that creaks when someone steps on it just right, and that tapping, the tap, tap taping of nails on your desk.

Nails that, obviously aren’t yours.

How does this scenario make you feel? Can you sense it? Is it there yet? The spine shivers? The bumps running across your skin like an unwelcome touch? The chill in your veins like a breath in a cold grave?

Now, some of you won’t get scared, it’s just words after all. Simply something to read, to pass the time. If only you could hear me laughing at you, laughing, because, words are all one needs. Fear is not logical, it not neat and tidy.

It was said before, and I agree with this statement. Fear is the mind killer. Your thoughts spin and spin, and you hope that it’s just smoke and mirrors. Just words, just an old house settling, just the wind, the chill of the air. You hope that the movement you just saw, and you saw it didn’t you? Just out of the corner of your eye? You hope it’s just, perhaps your pet, or the trick of the light.

Can you hear me laughing yet? Likely not, and if you did, you’d likely think it was just the wind.

Well my friend, I am so much more then the wind, though I use it often. At times, you see it don’t you? Those things that make no sense, because they’re not real, the dark is playing tricks.

Well, I’ll admit I’m fond of tricks as well.

By now, you’ll either be doubting this, you’ll be reading it, shaking your head, or just wondering why you wasted your time. You saw nothing, there isn’t any movement, nor tapping, nothing so, unworldly. Really, all it is, you’ve decided to not listen. If you listen, if you listen well, you can hear it, the sound of my steps, you can see the shadow of my movement, a flicker, just out of the corner of your eye. Turn off the lights, and listen close.

Maybe you’ll hear me laughing.


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