Shamble On

Scarred, shattered, broken.


Touched by sorrow, shadowed with pain, I shamble on.

Towards some light, towards something.

Some hope to ease this pain

With nothing but sorrow in my heart, and suffering in my soul.

I shamble on.

With nothing obvious to gain, and only yet more to lose.

I continue to push, to press.

I continue to move, refusing to stop, refusing to rest.

For I know.

I know if I stop I lose that light, that wish, that singular goal.

I know, that if I stop, the pain will win, the sorrow consume me.

I will lose the last bastion left.

So, I can not stop, I continue to pull forward.

To carry on.

To crawl over this landscape of broken glass and sharp knives.

Holding on to the one thing I must never lose.



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