Tomas Delvin and The Raffle Ticket Prize

               “Thank god, finally off work…huh?” A kick a box in front of my apartment, a muffled “Umph…” can be heard from it


                 “What?” I quickly take it inside and look at the top “St, George’s Mall Raffle Prize” I have to think, it’s been two weeks since I applied to the raffle, it said the grand prize was some kind of rare import.


                     “Huh, must be an exotic pet, or something that needs air to stay fresh.” Pulling off the top I quickly put it back on, my eyes wide. Did I really just see that? Quickly I take another peek, yes, yes I did. Rare import my ass! Who’d send me a girl? Pulling it open I realize it must be one of those dolls, hopefully its not one of THOSE dolls though, I shudder at the thought and start looking for the on button. Seeing her collar I wonder if it’s there, I touch a finger to it and the doll shudders, I notice shallow breathing, her skins feverish. Quickly I put the box back on, as I do though I realize my finger is bleeding, the collar nicked me somehow. I need to send her back, quickly. Aren’t things like this illegal in the U.S? I don’t know, quick, I run a hand through my hair, the black strands already mussed from wearing  a hat, wait why do I have to think that one? It’s almost as if….as if I was narrating a story or something! I shake my head to clear the strange.


              Suddenly the box shakes and the girl removes the lid herself and yawns. I didn’t really look at her before, but she’s pretty cute, a bit younger than me, maybe sixteen or seventeen but…. I slap myself, hard. No! She has to go! Yawning again she looks around and blinks, her eyes are innocent but distant at the same time. Her red hair has black highlights through it and goes past her waist, doing a much better job at covering her rather developed self then the night gown she has on. Looking around she gets up and comes over to me, and I notice how small she is, about five foot one inches or so. She still looks at least sixteen though.

“Good morning Master!” The girl is looking at me strangely, and also looking at something else as I stare in surprise.

“W-w-w-w-WHAT?!?!?!” Finally, my shock shows itself.

“Was Alice not supposed to leave the box? Very well then.” With that she start to get back in the box, though in a rather, unhurried manner.

“W-w-w-wait! Why are you here?” Breaking through the shock I ask this, still confused however.

“Because Master won me, I’m very grateful” she pouts then, may all the gods and angels and anything that can hear me save me from having to see her pout again, it made me feel like I kicked a puppy then ran over while in front of the little girl the dog belonged to. “The place I was at was very unfriendly.”

O-o-ok. So you don’t want to go back?” As soon as I say this her eyes go wide and she starts shaking.

“Ok no going back. What to do with you hmm?” I cross my arms and frown as I think. 

“Master could keep me?” she says it like a question, a hopeful question, but a question.

I run my hand through my hair, sighing heavily.

“I guess?” I don’t have the heart, or lack of one, to throw her out. She might pout again, I don’t think I’d survive it twice. I might even start hating myself if I caused it.

She smiles at me, softly, her expression still slightly detached. I wonder if she thinks I’m going to do something odd.

“Aren’t you?”

“How the hell do you know what I’m thinking?” She points to my previous narration. I sigh. “You aren’t supposed to know that’s there though.” She looks down “B-b-but it’s so big…” flicking her eyes up she blushes. What the fuck is going on again?

“No I’m not going to do anything odd to you. There happy?”

“But what if I wanted you to?”

“No!” She pouts at me. I have to be strong! For the sake of men with honor everywhere, be strong Tom!

“No, and stop pouting, you make me feel like I ki-“

“Kicked a puppy and then ran over it in front of the five year old girl that owns it?” She cuts me off…to quote my narration at me….You know, if someone, anyone out there is reading this, kick my writer…please.

“God damn it! Stop reading the narration!”

“Yes master. Also I agree, kick the writer.”

“And don’t call me master.” Because she agreed, I’ll ignore that one….

“Ok my Owner” She smiles

“…Never mind that’s worse.”

“I know”  I sigh, why does my life suddenly read like a comedy scene?

“Cause it is one?”

“We’re not supposed to know that!” I glare at the writer, why does he keep making us know we’re a scene? That’s just mean!

“He made you do it again.”

“I know, our author is an asshole.”

“At least our narrator is nice.”



I scratch my head, back to serious matters! Clothing, clothing, hmm what to buy.

“Clothing master? I like old style dresses! A lot!” she giggles, it’s entirely too cute.

“Did you read?”

“No you were speaking out loud this time like a crazy person.” She has a pitying look on her face as she says this…It’s rather disheartening.

She smiles at me and grabs my hand. “Master, before we do anything, did you not want to finish the claiming?”

I blush and stammer “C-c-c-claiming?!?!?!” she looks down and to the side, her face flushed.

“Y-y-yes.” I’m nervous how does this work is it something…like that? I look her over and she laughs.

“Master was thinking something naughty!” I blush more, being tricked like that was mean though.

She takes my hand and the collar around her neck moves, a piece of it coming off and twining around my wrist, a metal hoop forms somehow as I stare in wonder at it, her own collar spins off a length of red velvet rope and a metal name plate forms saying “Alice, bound to Tomas Delvin, in this lifetime and beyond.”

“What are you?”

“A soul doll, we are man made humans made with alchemy. We have incomplete souls that become permanently tied to our first and only partner. We are both thrown into the cycle of rebirth permanently for now on, you’ll have that bracelet and I’ll have the collar for the rest of time.”

“….Really?” I want to seem lost and confused but really…why else would a girl show up in a box?

“It could be a really convoluted setup for the plot of  a spy movie, or this could all be something someone is writing…. ” She’s glaring at you writer, I’m exercising the use of your subconscious to make sure you know that. GLARING…AT…YOU

“Huh cool. Let’s go get you some clothes.”

“You don’t think I’m lying?”

“Why would you lie to your master?”

She puffs her cheeks out and looks away. Huh, maybe my easy acceptance of title made her mad. I laugh, as unlucky as this seems, I think things are going to be pretty fun for me for now on.

“I agree Master”

“STOP READING MY NARRATION! And stop the master stuff, can’t you call me something other than Master and Owner?”

Odd music starts to play  from no where as she looks at me, her face flushed “M-m-my love!”

“Never mind.”

“How about D-d” she seems to be having trouble getting it out “Delvin? Or brother!” She smiles at me “Yes brother!”

….no we are soooooo not going there…..Ever

“Delvin works”

“Does anyone else call you Delvin?”


“Yay!” Such an oddball.

Her cheeks puff out as she gets mad again, guess she read that, fucking asshole writer.

I go to take her hand, but she hands me her leash, I loop it through the metal loop on my bracelet, this is gonna get me some odd looks, I just know it. Oh well time to go shopping, this isn’t going to be fun at all.

“Liar!” I just sigh, and hope that our author grows up eventually…asshole.


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