Empty Night

I feel it rip, I feel it tear. The strength of my soul, that old steady strength I used to know, is no longer there. torn asunder by this pain, and now, with neither thoughts of empty gain or for a chance to remain, I go into that dark, quietly and beaten. They have won, the only thing I had that have devoured, eaten. My light snuffed out like a fire that never truly got to burn, I only, regret that I never had that chance to learn.

To learn and learn and then earn my place, that chance to know and see my lover’s face. I only regret that I never truly lived. Now I never will, the only thing left for me is giving in, giving up, leaving this world, towards that empty night.

Never again, will I see the sun, and know that light. I won’t remember the feel of warmth, or what it was to care, it will be as if my life never happened, and was never there. Nor will I ever be again, my existence destroyed, removed from the cycle, rebirth denied, my soul never to be revived, but tossed aside, drained of all light, forgotten and blighted in this dark and empty night.

Pray indeed my friends, that I never do return, for what a sight that would be to see. Devoid of feelings, empty of all, I would bring that empty night, that dark empty of light, and blight the lands I see. For I swear, after this pain, after this light-less night, if I return, I will make all as pained as me.


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