Random Post, New Update and a quick thanks.

No real new content planned here, just want to say what I’m up to. Which is really, well, I’m fixing up some old poems, going over them again and the like. Want to release some sort of poetry book, I have enough for it, get it in pdf format and go ahead and put it out there. I might release a few at time, like five in a file, something of that sort.

Also, if anyone else is interested in visual novels, and art work or comics and the like and wouldn’t mind getting involved in a collab kinda deal drop me a line. My work is here for examples, rough examples, but examples of my writing. I’m really interested in trying to make some kinda visual novel but we (the future we, the maybe we or whatever we comes from this) would need an artist and renpy knowledge of some sort, so kinda hard at the moment but it’s something I feel with the right people its rather doable, despite being difficult. 

As for the thanks, well, thanks for reading, thanks for following my blog here, every person helps, a lot honestly, just to be able to get on here and see people following or liking my stories, it helps. So, just saying thanks there, gonna keep writing and all that, hopefully some of my other goals pan out. 

Laterz have a good one!


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