Single Awareness Day Thank You Message

Another thanks, to people that read my stuff and like it. It helps a lot ya know, so thanks. I’m actually thanking the people that help me today as well, I mean, I can say there is some people I follow blogs or channels of that have inspired me so much. They really have, it’s amazing how much a video or reading something can help, so incredible, but it does. While, my writings are not much writings you’d read to cheer yourself up, I do hope that those that read them get something out of the experience.

I know I myself likely do not seem that cheery of  a person, going off some of my stories, but, well that’s kinda true lets be honest here. However, just because I’m a bit of a down person doesn’t mean I don’t understand that the people here, regardless of why or how, are helping me using their time. As a writer, obviously, you have two goals, the first is to tell a story, a good story that people want to hear, the second, is to do the first while remaining true to yourself. It likely sounds corny, but, it’d be hard for me to write a good, happy, story, it likely wouldn’t be a good story, because I broke the second rule. So, hopefully, I’ll get better at this. I plan on going back to school and once I’m in school, despite classes, I do hope I’ll have more time to post things on here, more inspiration. I, think I’m starting to believe in myself, mean I don’t have that many followers on here, but its not just a number game, every person that likes and takes the time out their day to read my writings is a PERSON, you all have your things to do, yet here ya are. So really,


Happy Single’s Awareness Day (Or Valentines Day for those of you lucky enough to have someone to share it with!)

Have a  good one.

For the people that have inspire me

  • Markiplier (Mark’s Channel) A YouTube gamer that has an upbeat personality, hilarious reactions, and has taught me a thing or to about appreciating people. 
  • Danbull      (Dan’s Channel) A British rapper with a strong sense of whats right when it comes to internet freedom as well as an equally large love of games. 
  • All of the writers and authors that I’ve read up until now involved in the Faerune world setting.
  • Most of the artists I listen to on my itunes, i’d list them but you likely know them and it’d just get ridiculous.
  • Just about all the people I have followed on my DeviantArt, just click my DA account link and wander through my favorites, you’ll find them.
  • My friends, and family, seems trite perhaps, but having people that reads my work and tell me, honestly, if it’s bad or good, helps. Not to mention them just believing I can do this, at all.
  • Anyone who took the time to read this far, as a writer is nothing without their readers. I mean that truly I do, so thanks, again. 

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