Tainted Shadows

People around, with smiles and not a single frown. Left behind, left in the dark, I what their light from the shadows shrouding my heart. I laugh and talk, and smile along, when in inside I’m shattered, feeling battered and broke, oh I wish I remembered, wish I knew, just how it was I stood being so truly alone.

I see their light, their love, the warmth and care, and somehow I want it, I taint their smiles with jealousy and I don’t know how I dare, I profane this light and hide in my shame, I just want to know, remember how it was when I was alone, aloof and standing aside. Safe in shadows that now blight my soul, I wish I could just deal with this pain, mind numbing cold.

I used to be fine, never caring, never daring, I didn’t want what they have, the silence was enough, now I can’t seem to look away from the warmth, the light of it all. I want this dark dispelled, these blighted shadows gone, I wish to see the world without my tainted soul.

How I wish I was no longer alone.


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