Current Projects

Well, currently, I’m working on a few things, some are on hold due to my general mood lately, as it stands the happier things I’m working on would not end up being happy, admittedly happy is hard for me to write, I am a pessimist after all. As for the other things, well, one I have plans for but haven’t really started as of yet, and the third I just recently had an idea to start so its still in the planning stage of things.

In the order of my, eh, admittedly haphazard priority, I’ll list and explain them, well a little bit anyway.

First, a simple unfinished rough draft of a love story called The Rain, a bit of a fated story that actually features, well, I list this more as a warning then as it being a feature (I’ve never felt it mattered but some do so well, here’s the warning.) It’s main characters are both female, it is a LOVE STORY, not a paperback porno, though I’ll admit as a writer those take skill to write I feel it’s the wrong genre for me, let alone for what I’m trying to go for with this story. Also in my personal opinion such things distracts from the over all idea of the characters to some people and limits your audience quite a bit. I’ll understand if you find such a thing isn’t something you’d read, but I hope it more because such things don’t strike your interest instead of some other, decidedly unsavory (in my opinion), reasons.

The second, which is more busy work then honest writing, is a poetry book. This is something I would like to put up some where for a fairly cheap price. It is, after all, my goal to live off my writings so it’d be a start anyway. However, as its more busy work then and editing I’ll admit I’ve been putting it off for my previous project, since it’s on hold until I can write something semi happy without killing someone off, I’ll likely be doing this some time soon.

The third, and possibly most ambitious project, would likely require more focus then the other two so I’d like to get those somewhere nearing completion or at least to where I’m satisfied with putting them on hold for a time. A text based game, of some sort, perhaps horror, perhaps romance, not sure yet, it might be amusing to see if I couldn’t do a combination of the two, a group thrown into a horrific setting, the player’s decisions making for both survival and perhaps some sort of happiness in whatever chaotic hell hole they find themselves in. Likely, as I do have some knowledge of flash, though of an older platform then the current one, I’ll likely try it with that first but, before I do any programming or the like I’d like to get the main scenario and characters roughed out, as well as player choices. I never did care for straight lines in such games, the first choices should come with the making of your character, as such the main character will likely be getting the most development before I do anything else, but, as I said, due to how extensive and ambitious this project will be I’ll likely at least get my poetry book together first.

As a side note, perhaps I’ll sound a tad bit offensive hear, but, if you have constructive criticism or benign posts on my current tasks, feel free, feel more then free, to post them. I obviously try to at least somewhat moderate the posts that get through, as such, posts I feel are too, how to say, cruel perhaps, will not be approved. I say this less because I think it will happen and more because this is the internet and trolls do exist, sadly enough, as do honest people who seem to not know better, again, not because I assume any of these unsavory types frequent my blog.

That’s all of it for now, thanks for reading! Really, thanks, and thanks for checking my posts, sorry if anything I said may have eh, been taken the wrong way, I honestly do think that most of the people I’ve seen check or like my posts seem like rather well rounded individuals, considering I’ve never gotten a single offensive comment. Just, some things seem to make some people a tad bit, cruel, I guess is a good way to put it. I do hope I didn’t word anything wrong here and end up insulting my readers but part of me felt it was needed, and I’m nothing if not honest with myself.

Have a good day/night! Thanks again for reading!



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