Realization (mobile post)

You know, I was thinking of what kind of writer I want to be. I don’t want to fix the world, I can barely handle myself let alone that. I just, I just hope I can be someone worthy, someone who can use words and perhaps make a person lose thier self to a story, to just let someone enjoy something without them worrying for a moment, to be someone who’s words can perhaps ease the weight of it all for a second. It’d make everything worth it ya know? I have to be honest, I don’t belive I’ve done right by those who read my writings. I have tried but I have not simply done. To try is to fail, the possibility of failure, letting it in, it means I may not try hard enough, I might do less then is needed because that is all that is asked of me. I must DO the things I feel I must, starting with more regular posts here I feel. This should not be a past time, a hobby, it has to mean more, be more then that. So, it will be a passion, a consumption of words leading to not but bright inspiration and hope.


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