Nothing new, been busy, getting into college and what not. HOWEVER! I’m starting to get my ideas bouncing around and being all chatty so I’ll probably have something to write….eventually soonish kinda, I hope.

Working on the whole poetry book idea tho, it’s taking a bit but it’s started at least. Also started editing some old stories in the same world setting, the whole huntsman World of Pandora thing, and setting up a short story series book kinda deal.

So ya, not dead, had a bit of lost faith in the whole me writing then I remembered well, I can’t not write, it’s not me, and while it sounds stupid, I am very much myself, and as such, I’m a writer. Hopefully not one who should hide his work in the attic so it doesn’t burn someone’s mind to dust, but at the end of the day, that’s just part of me, even if it is bad, hehe.

Well, thats it, thanks for reading, thanks for being here, hopefully I’ll have more for all of you wonderful people soon, and well, I hope you feel wonderful, you should always feel at least semi wonderful, maybe not quite fine AND dandy, but at least fine or dandy. (If anyone gets that you’re amazing, and have awesome taste in comedians)

Have a good one, be it morning, afternoon or night, have a good one!




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