Unasked, Unanswered

I sit here old and wonder why, as all those times pass me by, perhaps if I had changed my name, or even, for a time, adopted another mind. Another way to think and see, perhaps then I could be, be at peace with me and mine instead of sitting here, wondering why. I see it now, it’s time to go, the questions unasked, unanswered, never known. No longer will I sit here old, watching those times that past me by. My time’s run out, it’s all done now, the bell has tolled and it’s time to go. I hope you remember when you see this chair, remember me, and my few gray hairs. Don’t remember me sitting here, watching that time just pass me by, don’t remember me wondering why, the questions unasked, unanswered, never spoken so never known. Remember instead those times we shared, those times we had together when we both were fair, healthy and hale. Not old and ailing, and, seemingly failing. So, this farewell has gotten long it seems, and it’s time to cut it short, so long, and fare well, and remember me always, just not this moment please, if you could. That time I sat there old and ailing, wailing inside as I wondered why, why did I have to wait to go, you left first you see, and so I sat here, and wondered why. Why, oh why, wasn’t it me? I’ll see you soon though, I’m on my way, hold the door dear, and never fear, asked and unanswered it echoes unheard. The answer unspoken but given without words, no worries, no waiting, no more wondering why. Goodbye and hello, for now and all time.


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