You see, you see?

You see, you see, I am starting to feel oh so strange.

You see, you see, I’m feeling oh so slightly deranged,

And I see you standing and I watch your form, and wonder if it could be rearranged, perhaps remade.

So hold still, hold still, don’t take a breath, I must work carefully if it’s not to mean your death.

So you see, you see, the strange in me? It’s building and breeding and now you’re just bleeding,

I’ll cut and cut, and soon you’ll see, soon you’ll be pretty, soon you’ll go from broken to beauty, the patchwork queen,

Soon my dear, soon you’ll know it too, the strangeness, that feeling of being slightly deranged!

Just let me fix you, just let me work, you’ll see, you’ll see!

Soon, you’ll be just like me!


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