Nonsense (Really not sure where this came from, just wrote it up)

Shadows of the shadow of shady thoughts and dreams dawn on my dreaming dying mind dying to break through the dying breath of the last gasp of the grasping guffawing gangrenous general commanding commandeering domineering tanks filled with tanks of napalm flame to burn this world to the core leave nothing left, not ashes, no stories.

Not one bit of that historic lore, all gone burnt down to floor.

Than going further burning yet more till all that remains is a nameless void devoid of the devastating destructive touch that caused us to lose touch of the world around us until we became a useless nuisance a cancerous dangerous influence that does nothing but twist and mangle this world into maddening distorted angles that a sane man could never devise.

Things from dreams to bring a nightmare scene of blood and gore guts and more spattered from ceiling to floor and all down the hallway and walls just a slaughterhouse mall sale with a discount on dismembered corpses that tap out that dreaming scene in Morse code to cry for help in a tainted hell hole of holy thoughts and religious dreams that in reality don’t mean a single god damn thing.

All there is we live, we die and at the end we can choose to laugh or cry, or go mad and do both as a we bleed from our eyes at the thoughts, at dreams, that can be found within that maddening sky.


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