My Words Did Fail Me

My words did fail me on how to say

Until my dear, today did come

To save you from the past I’ve not a clue

As to what I could have done

Accept what you should do, or attempt or try

To let go, to be at ease

Release the past

Let it be

Save yourself from nightmare dreams

Of what once was and what will never be

I wish I could

Save you my dear

But alas

That is up to you, it’s up to you to ease my fears

So release the past, let it be

Find your peace and be at ease

Tomorrow is new and yesterday is gone

Look forward not back

Not back towards but what forward towards what might be

Don’t remember but hope, let go your fears of yesterday

See that bright expanse of tomorrow

Yesteryear is gone, the fears that came have went

The future is bright and infinite

And it scares me so, how you are now, it scares me so

The thought of you not being in it

So save yourself from that painful past

Nothing is forever, nothing can last

It hurts to move forward, but it hurts more to stay behind

So please my dear, save yourself, save yourself

Please let go and be at east

and leave that past behind


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