I have followed the path of honor,

and I have found the end

The end of it is nothing

for it was never there to begin

I have found honor to be a lie

Valor a thing of myth

Goodness a pipe dream

We see

In those filthy vapors and the mist

There is many things in this world

That do indeed exist

They however do not include

The shining swords

and bright kind words

That we hoped for when were children

Those tales of honor, those tales of glory

Something told to make light of the ugly

There is no such thing as Valor

And Honor is a lie

Goodness the worst of all

For nothing in this world is kind

Purity, the greatest offender

Offering the falsehood that never was

Tainted from birth to death

As all us humans are

From our first to final breath

We are corrupt, for we can learn

We are cruel, though we hide it

We are greedy, and we embrace it

I do not absolve myself

Nor think myself above

I just feel I see clearly now

Lies dispelled

The truth revealed and to be reviled or revered

As each would choose their own


4 thoughts on “Worldview

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