Some (hopefully) good news

Ok, I know I don’t have many followers, and I know I’m not the most active person on here but that is, mainly, because between work and school and I’ll admit, some down time, I just don’t have the time/motivation to do all I want. I’ve recently, due to college, had to cut back on some hours, now I’m thinking of picking them back up but I might wait a bit to get started on something I wanted to do and give a true attempt. A Patreon page, now if you don’t know what Patreon on is, go to to get started, cause its great. It helps artists/writers/musicians, creators really, do what they want and let the people that like what they are doing give them what they feel they should get for it, monetary wise anyway.

Now, nothing is going to change in my posting practices other than it will be more frequent. as I say on my patreon page, no one will be required to give me anything to read my writing, I’m not looking to make people buy my short stories and poems. I’m just asking for perhaps, a bit of help. Any amount (as long as its not under a dollar) helps, if you don’t feel you like my stories or that I’m not worth the money to you, go ahead and share my pages with people that might like them. Again though, I’ll be posting everything that I post on Patreon, here as well, so don’t go thinking/worrying that I’m going to get greedy all of a sudden and start hiding things from people, that’s not what I’m trying to do.

Also, I’ve a facebook page made for that as well, the patreon page is and the fb is feel free to look at either but know that I just started the patreon about, an hour ago, if that. There is only one story up, its a free pdf, and its probably not edited all that well I know and apologize but it is up for download! I’ll have a youtube video short up soon, as well as be doing some videos talking about a story idea and looking for ways (to be discussed in comments) on how to expand upon it or go further with! I hope you all enjoy, and if not the patreon I hope you stick around on my WordPress! Look forward to some more stories, I’ve got my muse, and my motivation, back!



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