Lovely Tune

I’ve got a lovely tune

That I want for you to hear

I’ve got a lovely tune

So tilt your head to hear

It starts a little soft

Like a whisper spoken to true love

Then it gets a little loud

What with rambling raucous that is a crowd

Then it settles down

Not too much you notice, just below the din

For this is family having dinner with all their kin

Then it gets softer yet the speed picks up a pace

As time and age does set it’s hands upon the lover’s face

Alas you see the speed you hear, it’s a ragged pace to keep

So it slows yet more as the lover goes to that final sleep

A mournful tune a mournful March

The end we all must meet

The tune though it doesn’t stop there you see

Nay it only slows to simply repeat

What’s it called? Well you see

You know it dear, you hear it everyday

It’s the tune we live this tune of mine

It’s life you see, a lovely tune and true at that

And it’s a tune that I shall keep


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