A Devil On My Shoulder

I’ve got a devil on my shoulder, it stands right beside my ear. It never moves you see, standing there through out the year.

Oh it fidgets, and fidgets, crack a knuckle, a few digits, but that’s when its quiet,

when its thinking what to say, oh it just told me something now,

do you want to know what I heard this day?

Poem yes, a song of sorts, a special madness I guess I court,

he talks I listen, though I do not always do, for screams

him are not the same they are for me or for you.

Creepy is as creepy does, it disturbs and disarms,

the alarm of the unsettling shadowed by a lack of possible harm,

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

its nothing at all, just a creak on the steps, a movement of the air, but maybe…

You should check, check that darkness, maybe you’ll see whats really there.

He’s the one that told, and he often tells true but be careful of you check or his advice will what you rue

For in that darkness does wait something old, forgotten and hungry, and it whispers you see

It whispers to be found by someone like you or like me

But that devil on shoulder,he was an angel once and that thing neither of them wish to meet

No, it’s supposed to be gone, locked away for good but in the darkness it calls, for the curious to come to see

Then, I suppose it tears them apart, a snap of bone, the of flesh, the last beat of a heat

It’s over in a second, I didn’t even realize when it did start, but alas what was done to me

Is about to be done to you

Close your eyes, and take a breath

The lights will dim, your computer will seem to slow as the darkness around does grow

It’s ok, you’ll be fine, thats what you say

But you know its a lie

What was done to me, is about to be done to you

That devil on my shoulder?

He was really here for you.

Early halloween post, enjoy!


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