I Scream

I scream and rant and try to cry, and yet, no tears will come, my soul is gone dry. I scream and rant and wail my pain, my rage unending due to knowing what should be. What was meant, but its gone to dust, nothing is left, and so I scream and rant, and try to cry, cry for what was lost, and yet no matter what I do no tears will fall, for my soul is dry.

Cracked and broken and riddled with holes, and so still I scream, I scream and scream until no breath is left, and then I try to wail, my throat dry and torn, my wails turn to coughs, blood upon my hands. Yet, still I scream my rage, unable to grieve, unable to despair, I wail my outrage, my pain, my horror, that what was lost was my happiness, and I will never recover.


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