For The Smile of My Muse

I’m just a dreamer, living the lie, I know its not right but god damn it I deserve it, it’s my time.

They call it pointless, they say I’ll never make it through, I’ll show em all, every one that calls it a dream, I’ll show them I’ll make it real, make it true.

It’s not just a dream, its a calling, an art, not just words on a page its a matter of soul, sharing of hearts.

I’m not just a dreamer living the lie, I know its right, god damn it, I’ll get what I deserve, I’ll make it my time.

I don’t want lights in the skies, or praises for my name, I don’t want riches, or simple material gain. I want my muse to be proud, to hear that smile in her voice, I want her to say to me, when it’s all done and gone.

I’m glad it was you, you were the right one, the perfect choice. You weren’t just a dreamer, it was never a lie, and it was right..

I knew it was your time.


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