A Sad State of Affairs

This isn’t going to be one of my normal poems, or stories. I just wanted to get this off my chest, and that’s my perception of a complete lack of ethics in today’s journalism. Between the attempts of journalism to get people censored at work or in society because of something they said, they might consider to be disagreeable, or an idea they hold to be wrong. In addition to this is the seeking of a story, regardless of who it might damage, or benefit.

It seems, to me, that this sad state of affairs is because of two things, people don’t understand the responsibility one has when one writes journalistic articles, and people know all too well the power of the pen. Between this and the falling back on the reputation of the name of a publication, it seems many people prefer the glory of “Breaking a story” than they do anything else. A good example is the reaction of the writers of the scandal behind both the YouTube advertisement problem and the pewdiepie issue not long before it. Neither time did they go to the party the information was about,  they did not approach pewdiepie or YouTube with their findings, and ask them “What’s this?” they instead approached the subject in such a way to be intentionally damaging, to provide a bigger story. There are comments on twitter (Which I’ve seen and can find if needed) that support this, granted I’ll admit some ability to be wrong, I’m not a journalist, and this is just a blog.

Meaning this is an opinion, not something I’m stating as fact, but the way I’ve seen things happen it’s pretty supported here.

I know I risk losing followers and what not for saying this but I feel not saying that I’m saddened by, would be dishonest. By not mentioning that what I consider a misuse of journalistic power is a sad state of affairs would simply not be right by my standards. If anyone has any information or facts behind this, that they were indeed reporting the news, not making it, please by all means share it. I still can’t help but think that regardless the story itself could have been handled better than having the current going ons that are happening on YouTube because of it.

This mind you doesn’t just apply to just the YouTube affair, there are a myriad of things, people fired because of off color comments outside of work, due to social media and a number of other things that are just wrong. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should and most certainly media and journalism is not there to act as some bully boy, censoring people for society because the government isn’t allowed to.

Note: This isn’t tagged as journalism or anything of the sort, because it’s not. This is simply an opinion on what I’ve seen so far on and the goings on in certain outlets of journalism and media today.


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