Welcome and Cheers Friends!

Greetings everyone, I’m Brendden, a writer of sorts I guess. Let’s just make this a quick introduction shall we? I’m twenty four, been writing things for what seems like forever. I’m a fantasy/horror writer though lately I’ve been trying to branch out, do some romance, some mystery. I have one short story, The Huntsman and His Hounds, it’s on amazon and while the editing is shoddy, the story I’m not sure about, it’s there, it’s up and its mine. Something I’m proud of there honestly, I mean it’s just something I have to do, writing I mean.

I am trying to get a YouTube presence, though its more or none existent at the moment.  I have a deviant art, zip0186, lots of old writings on there, lots of old content. Some attempts, keyword attempts, at drawing.  As for the purpose of this blog, well, it’s a mix. It’s partly to meet people, to learn what I can do to make things that people I don’t know will like, it’s partly to give me another outlet, which due to some circumstances at the moment I sorely need. It’s also a place where I can get feedback on my writings, on my stories and the things I make. I often write for myself, but to be a real author, I have to write for others, for my readers.

You guys, however many of you that may be reading this.

This means that I have to have a quick, and easy way for you guys to comment, to criticize or compliment what I do, whatever you feel it needs. The things I write I might come up with on my own but with feedback I want to write something, a book, that people can read and enjoy. That’s what I want.

I hope people are with me on this one, wish me luck everyone!




(please note all written material is the original work of the author and not for sale or reproduction purposes unless otherwise mentioned/specified)

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