I am Silent Within the Sound

I walked into the sound, cold lapping out my feet and silence all around.

I walked into the sound, it’s about at my waist now, my problems back at shore and silence all around as I walked that misty morn out into the sound.

The water calm, my heart is still, the sound surrounds, the waves above me now.

All I am is silence deep within the sound, no problems, no worries, my weight is back at shore.

I hope, those that knew me, might forgive me once more.


Past Death’s End

A moment of silence for the fallen, the forgotten and the friend, who stand in that final hour that place past death’s end.

A tear I shed for each foe felled, two for each friend lost, and I weep realizing this is life’s burden, our one and only true cost. A moment spent in memory, remembering all who gave their lives, those fallen, not forgotten, friend and foe alike, who stand in that silent light, that place found only after casting off the burden of life.

Remember those who went quietly into that peaceful night, and for those who went fighting, clinging to the thunder and the light, a tear I shed for all, friend and foe alike, for all that live gave their all, their self in sacrifice.

They bear no burden for this, the pain is ours, the living, and it tears me apart at times. There is days, and night, where I feel barely alive at all, and the tears seem to do nothing but fall, and I can’t help but weep like a child at the horror, the burden and pain of it all.

The cost at times is too great, too steep a price to pay, to give one to that final hour, it’s more than any of us should have to bear, and yet we do but we it not gladly, not with smiles or joy, but with our blood and tears we pay and pay again until our hearts are withered, and our joy is fled.

So, let us now, remember those fallen, the forgotten and the friends, who stand in that final hour past death’s end, let us cry our tears and purge our sorrow, until once more it becomes to much to bare, let us remember the smiles given and the joy shared.

In sorrow I remember joy, in respect, I remember honor, I give to these fallen both, and I shall remember, their life, their actions and their names, for my life was shared with theirs, and in my pain if there is one thing I know for true, it’s that I cared.

If they standing and among us now I wish I could say it so they could hear, but past this life there is no sound, no way for word to travel, and while these word’s bare pain, their meaning remains cold and hollow, hollowed and hallowed by pain and misery, these words are all I can offer for those that have fallen before me.

Farewell dear friends, farewell, and safe travels, may you find peace, may you find something better then the strife allotted to the living, for I know without you in it, the world has grown colder, the nights darker and all my laughter rings less true then it did when you were here.


Within the shadows I see the blood does flow, running down across those old and rotten bones.

Falling, flowing I listen joyously to that drip, drip, drip the blood does move in those oh so steady streams, visceral rivers of life, all the horror that comes of it.

Streaming down the rotten bones, of one I hated long ago, it pools and shudders and begins again, that thing I hate sadly, or it would it be gladly? Never truly dead.

With in the shadows I see the blood does flow, running down across the bones, the rotting living bones of that thing I hated so long ago.

With in the shadows, in time with that blackened heart, I hear it clearly, that blood that flows and falls, and I love it so.

That drip, drip, drip, for now, and forever more.


Have something that came about from a tired mind at a darkling time.

Through the looking glass I saw a prophecy of sorts, an image of things to come, near or far it matters not, this will be.

It will happen as foretold and nothing will survive the fires that come before that awful cold,

That winter chill that lasts for a thousand year or more, that endless winter that follows that bloody, terrible war.

Shadows and Snakes

I see the shadows, I see the snakes, and all the cost of your lies and fakes.

I see the war that is about to come those awful fires that fall from above.

I see your shadows, your twisting snakes, all your horrid lies, your awful fakes.

All will die, all fall. None survive the fires, that apocalypse that rains from above. The blood will flow like rivers and your snakes will bathe in it with the dead. The sun blotted out by so great a sin your shadow will become the darkness consuming all with in.

And you will answer my question as this all does come to pass, with what will be our final, fleeting breaths…

Did you ever really think to win?

You see, you see?

You see, you see, I am starting to feel oh so strange.

You see, you see, I’m feeling oh so slightly deranged,

And I see you standing and I watch your form, and wonder if it could be rearranged, perhaps remade.

So hold still, hold still, don’t take a breath, I must work carefully if it’s not to mean your death.

So you see, you see, the strange in me? It’s building and breeding and now you’re just bleeding,

I’ll cut and cut, and soon you’ll see, soon you’ll be pretty, soon you’ll go from broken to beauty, the patchwork queen,

Soon my dear, soon you’ll know it too, the strangeness, that feeling of being slightly deranged!

Just let me fix you, just let me work, you’ll see, you’ll see!

Soon, you’ll be just like me!


I cry and cry, crying out, how I wish to die.

How I wish and wish my heart would stop. How I dream of that endless dark.

I cry and cry, crying out, how I wish to die.

I wish and wish, never granted my dream, my dream to be free, to just sleep and be let be, left alone in that thoughtless night.

Alone in that darkness, no more pain, no struggle or need. Nothing but the freedom from the tyranny of life.