Echoes & Currents/Wanderer’s Demon

Echoes and currents of thoughts and ideas, of dreams that died and words left unsaid.

The regrets that haunt my sleep and rattle around inside my head.

Ephemeral currents of sadness too deep, of happiness unknown, and this anger I keep.

It’s like a ghost on my shoulder, the demon that speaks, it provides unspeakable inspiration, yet the cost is too steep.

The exile is lonely, the wanderer is cold, I stumble through this night, and all I want…

All I want is a home.

I am Silent Within the Sound

I walked into the sound, cold lapping out my feet and silence all around.

I walked into the sound, it’s about at my waist now, my problems back at shore and silence all around as I walked that misty morn out into the sound.

The water calm, my heart is still, the sound surrounds, the waves above me now.

All I am is silence deep within the sound, no problems, no worries, my weight is back at shore.

I hope, those that knew me, might forgive me once more.

Corner to the End 

​I stand once more at the corner to the end and I find myself filled with dread, I fear this is it my friend.

 The shadows are closing in and I can hear the bell that tolls. I’ll ask not for whom it rings, I fear that answer I already know. 

So this I say my last good bye, I’m sorry I could not stay to watch those happy years roll by. I could not stand the sun on my face for I was looking over my shoulder at that darkness that was quickly keeping pace. I could not laugh nor sing or play for I saw the pain my passing day would bring.

 So here I stand at the corner to the end and say this tearful good bye. I think of you and find that all I can do is cry.